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18 Sound 12MB1000 12' MIDBASS

18 Sound 12MB1000 12' MIDBASS

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The 12MB1000 is a very high performance 12" midbass driver. It offers high power handling
capability with exceptional sensitivity over the midbass frequency range. It can be used with
either direct radiating or horn loaded applications, as well as part of a 2 or 3-way system. It is
ideally used in stage monitor, auditorium, touring and outdoor systems. The smooth curvilinear
paper cone has a special high strength wood pulp composition designed to achieve the best
possible linearity within the middle frequency range and to control bell-mode resonances
around the cone. The cone is carried by a double half-roll suspension, which is more resistant to
aging and fatigue than traditional materials, and provides the correct dampening and excursion
control. The state-of-the-art voice coil employs our Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV)
technology, in which a high strength fiberglas former carries windings on both the outer and
inner surfaces. By mean of a balanced coil with uniform distribution of mass and motive energy,
this technology assures an extremely linear motor assembly. The voice coil cooling has been
achieved by incorporating airways between the chassis back plate and the top plate of the
magnet which allow heated air from the voice coil and gap to be channeled away and dissipated
by the chassis basket. This technology is the result of a meticulous design exercise using a
sophisticated in-house 3D CAD facility. The magnetic structure has also been optimized using
our in-house FEA CAD resource to maximize flux density in the voice coil gap. Eighteen Sound
R&D has developed a special cone treatment specifically dedicated to improve the dampening
properties of the moving assembly, thus considerably improving the transient response control.
This treatment also gives water repellent properties to the cone, enabling the 12MB1000 to be
used in humid environments without damage.



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