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Expert Electronics PX1 Crossover Digital Audio Processor Equalizer

Expert Electronics PX1 Crossover Digital Audio Processor Equalizer

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When it comes to putting together that strong sound project you need equipment that responds to you in a precise way. With the PX-1 Audio Processor from Expert Electronics you will get what you need with the highest technology and quality in an equipment that allows you to control your Smartphone or Tablet.

This device allows you to customize various functions such as frequencies, gain, phase and delay control among several others so that your sound is as strong and clean as possible. Also thanks to the application you can have control of the functions without having to stick to the table.

You have all the resources available to make that sound answer for anyone to fault, with this crossover desk you will have the best of technology.


• 4 channels
• Channel routing
• 15 input EQ bands
• 1 band of parametric EQ per channel
• Bluetooth interface
• Preset with all settings
• Dimensions: 120 x 250 x 30mm 
• Weight: 0.42kg



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