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  • 2/4 RCA Input Signal Options
  • 9 Volts RMS maximum output
  • Bass Boost 0 to 12dB set at 45Hz
  • Quick On/Off button for each channel
  • Crossover slope rate: Butterworth 12 db/Octave


Input and output Functions:
– 2/4 RCA inputs for 2 Channels – 1 Stereo and 1 Mono
– 6 RCA outputs for 3 Channels – 2 Stereo and 1 Mono


Crossover Functions:
 High Pass Filter allows adjustment:
It determines the beginning of the channel operating frequency.
This filter allows the amplifier to work with many different applications such as: Woofer / Midbass / Midrange / Compression Driver components allows the elimination of low frequency sounds, delivering the right frequency range to avoid damage to the components.
 Low Pass Filter allows adjustment:
It determines the end of the channel operating frequency.
This filter allows you to fine tune the amplifier frequency response to match to the components’ frequency response. This ensures that only the lowest frequencies are reproduced by the amplifier.
 Bass Boost allows adjustment:
Bass Equalizer: provides a “gain attenuation” 0 to + 12dB at center frequency of 45Hz .
 On/Off Buttons:
This button allows to quick turn On and Off each individual channel.
 Level knobs:
This control adjusts the output signal on channel; which allows an optimal adjustment to the output signal levels to the amplifiers.




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