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The WG2500Py SLIM is a compact 2″ horn driver featuring a Polyimide D2500Py Pro Audio Compression Driver with a 2” exit WGP14-50X Slim Waveguide.

This is a top-of-the-line horn driver designed to offer unsurpassed natural upper midrange and high frequency response at high sensitivity, with crystal clear natural sound from the Polyimide diaphragm.

  • Polyimide diaphragm with large 2.5″ Voice Coil, providing dynamic output along with excellent efficiency – 107 dB Sensitivity
  • High Frequency 2″ Exit Driver + Shallow Horn WGP14-50X – Perfect as compression driver for car audio
  • Crystal clear natural sound with wider response from 800 to 17,000 Hz
  • PRO Audio horn driver, able to handle 200 Watts Continuous Program Power (RMS) with music
  • Compact driver mounted on slim horn, ideal for tight spaces, increase sound output on your system with this slim solution. Great choice for custom car audio door panels


The driver’s small diameter allows front mounting, making it easy to install without detaching the driver from the WGP14-50X Horn.

Its design was developed to give custom doors a new solution for a shallow horn driver, its 2.5” voice coil allows it to push more power into it, increasing its output tremendously, compared to a standard 2” voice coil driver.


The specially designed Polyimide diaphragm provides durability and additional damping for natural sound quality. This technology raises the bar for high frequency drivers by giving the driver wider usable bandwidth for smooth, dynamic output along with excellent efficiency.

The Polyimide diaphragms supersede titanium diaphragms, being able to play low frequencies without shattering and performing more accurately at high frequencies.

PRV Shallow Mount 2″ Driver WG2500Py SLIM High Frequency 200 Watts 8 Ohm – Compression Horn driver for Car Audio



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