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SOUNDQUBED Q-LOC5 Active Line Out Converter

SOUNDQUBED Q-LOC5 Active Line Out Converter

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Keep the stock look while enjoying a sound that is anything but stock with the Q-LOC5 Active 5-Channel Line Out Converter.

The Q-LOC5 safely integrates modern high-output head units with SoundQubed amplifiers. Because a line out convertor allows you to dial in proper source voltage, you can prevent a clipping signal from the head unit. A high to low output converter also lets you tap into a powered speaker signal to add a subwoofer to your factory system.

The active Q-LOC5 can switch from 5-channel to a 2-channel mode. In 5-channel mode, you’ll have separate signal controls for to 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers, and a sub stage.

What is a line converter for car audio?

Line out convertors (LOCs) are an essential linkage in a car audio system. A powered line output converter gives you an extra control point in your system design. Because of this control, you get clean signal at the proper voltage. LOCs are great for use with aftermarket processors and amplifiers. That’s because you don’t have to rely on replacing the head unit or infotainment interface to get a good signal.

The high-level output signal going to your speakers from your amplifier is internally amplified for your stock speakers. This signal is too high for your monoblock and multiple channel amplifiers to boost without introducing unnecessary gain to the signal. LOCs can also include other features such as signal sense 12 volt turn on or high power outputs.

Upgrade Your Daily Driver, Keep the Head Unit

Many new vehicles have a big fancy touch screen that controls everything. Replacing that computer and interface isn’t always worth the time and money. Because it’s so integrated, removing an infotainment interface can cause other problems with steering wheel audio controls and other functions. OEM integration in this situation can be a dicey situation.

A line out convertor reduces the high-level output from your head unit to a friendly input level for your amp. Amplifiers aren’t smart. Whatever voltage comes into the circuitry is amplified in the same manner – even if it’s too high. High-level input voltage is amplified, and the output stage is driven to clipping. The Q-LOC5 is a signal step down with adjustable output.

The Q-LOC5 is a line output converter car audio beginners can use for adding a sub to a factory system. When tapping into a speaker wire, you can use an inline output converter for amp signals that are dialed to the correct level.

Some head units have preamp outputs, but most do not. If your head unit has RCA outputs, you probably don’t need a line out convertor.

How To Install Your Powered Line Out Converter

Integrating car audio gear with new vehicles can be complicated. For basic upgrades to your car stereo line out converter installation is an easy way to tap into your speaker signal. Installing a LOC will add a few minutes to your install. If your head unit does not have low-level RCA outputs, it will be time well spent.

Run power wire from your battery/fusebox to your LOC on the same side of the car as your power wire. If you’ve taken your headunit out of your dash, run a remote wire from here along the same side of the car to the remote in on your LOC.

If you’re installing the LOC in your trunk or backseat and running speaker wire back to the front of the cabin for your door and dash speakers, run them along the opposite side of the cabin. Failure to do so can increase interference and a hum to your signal path.



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