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SOUNDQUBED Q-Mat Sound Deadener Self-Adhesive

SOUNDQUBED Q-Mat Sound Deadener Self-Adhesive

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Q-MAT reduces road and engine noise that makes it harder to hear the audio inside your vehicle. Q-MAT features a thickness of 75mil (2mm) flexible butyl self adhesive sound deadener backed with a silver aluminum layer. Its flexibility allows Q-MAT to form to the contours of your vehicle. Since butyl does not require a separate adhesive layer that can degrade, you can expect Q-MAT to stay put for the long haul.

When driving, your vehicle’s engine and tires create vibrations. These vibrations reach the body panels which move air as they vibrate. Butyl sound deadener works mostly by limiting, or dampening, how much the body panels can vibrate. By getting rid of some of the noise, you’ll hear more of your music without pushing your system. Installing Q-MAT also reduces the sound that dissipates into those same body panels. As a result of these factors, you’ll enjoy greater dynamic range, and an enhanced listening experience.

Trunks, door panels, and floorboards are common areas where self adhesive sound deadener can have a noticeable impact. Q-MAT is shipped as a kit of 8 panels for a total of about 16 square feet of coverage. To figure out how much you’ll need, measure the surfaces as best you can. Once you have a good estimate, round up to account for the material you’ll waste when trimming panels for the best fit. Even though you’ll have to do some disassembly or remove carpet, Q-MAT is thin enough that you’ll be able to replace your factory interior on top of it without issue.

Adding Q-MAT will definitely help with noise in your vehicle, but don’t expect to get rid of it altogether. Without somehow completely stabilizing body panels on your vehicle, they’re going to vibrate to an extent. Even so, you can still expect a vastly improved listening experience due to the reduced body resonance and greater dynamic range.



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