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SOUNDQUBED QP-MR 8" Pro Audio Midrange Speakers (pair)

SOUNDQUBED QP-MR 8" Pro Audio Midrange Speakers (pair)

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Midrange speakers are the perfect way to balance your sound after adding a subwoofer. Most stock component sets and coaxial speakers are not efficient enough to match the output of a heavy-hitting sub stage. Without a strong midrange, you’ll lose the most important part of whatever you’re listening to!

The QP Series midrange woofers cover from 500Hz to about 4kHz in the frequency range. In other words, they produce the sounds of voices and instruments. Your ears are sensitive to this range, so you won’t need to drive your midrange speakers very hard to hear the important part of the sound. 

The QP Series are invaluable to more advanced system design. They require less than .25 cu. ft of airspace per pair in a sealed enclosure. With a little custom fabrication, you can place these speakers where you want them for the best listening. Like the 6″ version, the 8″ is capable of pouring high flux into the 1.5″ magnet gap. See below for more specifications. 

Many vehicles come with coaxial door speakers. Coaxial speakers combine a midrange and tweeter in one speaker location. The QP Series are only midrange speakers. Make sure you know what type speakers you’re replacing. The best way to know is to remove your door panel and look at the speaker. If you’re replacing a coaxial with a midrange speaker, you’ll need to add tweeters to cover your highs.

Ditch the dull, flat midrange that came with your car. Coupled with your choice of subwoofer and QP series tweeter, a stunning full-range sound is well within reach.


Really loud music hurts your ears when you listen to it for a long time.




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