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SOUNDQUBED QP Series Titanium Super Tweeter (pair)

SOUNDQUBED QP Series Titanium Super Tweeter (pair)

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Super tweeters are just right for cutting through road noise, heavy bass, or intrusive thoughts. The QP-TH25 titanium super tweeter delivers crystal clear highs at competition-level volume. It features a high-strength motor and compact design to enable many mounting options to fit into your overall system design. The QP-TH25 is works well as part of a pro audio system design with the QP Series 6.5-inch or 8-inch midrange woofers.

The QP-TH25 tweeter has a light, yet rigid 25mm titanium diaphragm. Titanium is a very lightweight material and less resonant than aluminum. As a result, it can put out high frequency sound with pinpoint accuracy. The small diaphragm also holds up better under extreme acoustic loads, such as Sound Pressure Level (SPL) competitions. This 75W RMS titanium super tweeter covers the highest frequencies in the range of human hearing from around 4 kHz to about 25 kHz.

Horn design is a very important part of how a super tweeter disperses sound. The QP-TH25 “bullet” design focuses high frequencies more directly than a silk-dome tweeter. Also, the shape of the horn helps create a consistent throw pattern through the speaker’s range. This makes them suitable for long-throw, multiple-speaker arrays in an outside PA system.

Silk-dome designs have a broader, less directional throw pattern. This broader pattern makes “aiming” a silk-dome tweeter more forgiving than a bullet tweeter. Silk-dome tweeters are less robust in general, so you shouldn’t pit them against a powerful sub stage.



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