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Taramps Monitor Level Remote

Taramps Monitor Level Remote

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The Monitor Level Remote is an accessory developed exclusively for Taramps products compatible with this technology. Its main purpose is to provide practical, real-time control of the amplifier’s volume, and can be easily attached to the vehicle’s dashboard to keep it within reach. In addition, It monitors and indicates the operating conditions of the amplifier through the integrated LEDs: On, Clip and Protection.
This is Taramps putting you in control.


-Comes with a 5 meter cable with RJ12 Plug;

-Compatible only with Taramps products that have the indication “MONITOR LEVEL REMOTE” on the frontal and/or side sticker of the amplifier;

* Compatible Taramps products: Smart 8, Smart 8 Bass, T12.000 Chipeo, The Big Boss 3 Bass, The Big Boss 5 Bass, The Big Boss 8 Bass and HD 3000.

-Not compatible with products from other manufacturers;

-Not compatible with Taramps products with the description “Monitor” – If used with these products, only the Monitor function will work (ON, CLIP and PROT), disabling the Level function.



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